USA needs to create a competitive price to counter the “dependency” of Europe on Russian gas

The European Commission has announced that deliveries of us liquefied natural gas to Europe grew last gas by almost two times, while the EU is ready to continue the process of simplification of imports of such fuels, in the case that American LNG will be “competitive on price”.

We will remind, earlier the U.S. has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the Russian gas supplies to Europe and pipeline construction “SP-2”. But, according to many experts, the Europeans can’t abandon Russian gas.

The export of liquefied natural gas from the United States to the countries of the European Union for the period from July 25, 2018 at the beginning of March 2019 rose by 181%. This statement was made official representative of the European Commission Alexander Vintershtayn.

The reason for the increase in imports of LNG to the us was a threat the White house about the possible introduction of restrictions on European manufacturers.

According to Alexander Vintershtayn, the EU is ready to continue the process of simplification of gas imports from the United States, if it is to correspond to market conditions.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, U.S. Deputy Secretary of energy Dan Brunett once again expressed concern about the so-called dependency of Germany and Europe from Russian gas.

However, despite the concerns of so-called overseas partners, Germany does not refuse from the project “Northern stream – 2” which will be held Russian gas. The project is actually to turn Germany into a “gas hub”.
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