The kids say: Melania trump pleasant character

The students Dove Discovery School of Tulsa Oklahoma have become almost the only students in the city who had to go on Monday for lessons, despite the cancellation of classes due to bad weather. This morning especially from Washington arrived Melania trump.

The arrival of the wife of the incumbent President became for Tulsa at least a notable event. Residents of the city, as the majority of oklahomans, in elections at all levels traditionally vote Republican. As shown by the exit polls, vote for a Republican President many of them is given in 2016.

In addition, the reason for the excitement and judging by the comments on social networks, pride was the fact that the entire 183-year history, the Tulsa, the wife of the incumbent, and hence the current first lady of the United States, came here for the first time.

It would be perverse to say that the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma had not interested in the Federal establishment. In 2016, was made by Donald trump and bill Clinton, the first part of its election program, and the second — during the election campaign his wife, Hillary Clinton.

Quite often in Tulsa and George Bush. From 1984 to 2007, Bush visited the city seven times, however, first as a Vice-President, and then as former head of state.

In July 2015, during a two-day visit to Oklahoma, to Tulsa, stopped by Barack Obama. The main purpose of his visit a local newspaper then called the President’s desire to meet privately with young people representing the five “civilized tribes”: Cherokee, Choctaw, Muskogee, Chickasaw County, and Seminole.

In 2008 in downtown Tulsa, at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, spoke with people about health care and Hillary Clinton, while representing as a Senator of the state of new York.

Melania trump came to Tulsa in the framework of his three-day tour, during which the first lady had planned to meet personally with schools in the country (after Tulsa, she went to Redmond, Washington, Seattle and Las Vegas) and in turn, to present teachers and students of their educational program Be Best. The main objective of the program, Mrs. trump sees it, is to provide young Americans the maximum welfare, protect them from abuse by peers and to be protected from drug addiction, as well as to provide them with online security. Oklahoma describing the visit of the wife of the 45th U.S. President, democratic media did not fail to emphasize the last paragraph of the program, reminding readers that the husband of the first lady, according to them, continuously engaged in bullying his opponents on Twitter.

Dove School of Discovery, one of the 69 secondary schools of Tulsa no coincidence that was chosen for the visit the high guest. First, this school was included in the list of winners that received state and national awards for programme of personal development of schoolchildren. Second, most of her students are children of immigrants who came to Tulsa from Latin America. Few hours of its stay in school, the first lady managed together with the children to participate in drawing with crayons, listen to stories of second graders about African-American fighters for equality, measure together with the students the density of different liquids and to answer the question one of little girls about where is now Mr. President.

Young residents of Tulsa were satisfied with the meeting with Mrs. trump. So, 10-year-old Vazquez was rushing home to tell my grandmother that was right next to the first lady and the first time in my life seen so close to a very famous person. A 12-year-old Alexander Ramirez told reporters that it was fun to meet Mrs. trump, whose pleasant character.

Melania trump attended school in Tulsa, becoming the first President’s wife, who came to the city on an official visit updated: March 6, 2019 author: Nelya Ivanova

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