In Brooklyn, another 21 children were infected with measles at school

In Williamsburg in the Orthodox Jewish community, Kehilat Jacob was hospitalized with symptoms of measles 21 sklenicka. I suspect that all infected one and the same child. All people infected had not been vaccinated.

In connection with the largest outbreak of measles in the last 10 years, the Department of health has repeatedly recommended that the schools do not accept non-vaccinated children. However, many educational institutions, including school, Kehilath Jacob, ignoring the advice of doctors. According to the report of the Department of health, now the school has decided to reform, but 21 students already infected. The symptoms of the disease in the near future can appear.

According to recent reports, several months in new York had measles more than 200 people, 133 cases confirmed in NYC. During this time, was inoculated 10 thousand people, including 7 thousand in Williamsburg, one of the most affected areas.

In new York and other States, which walks the measles, continuing intense political debate about the benefits and dangers of vaccination. A number of politicians claim that measles causes autism, and require or prohibit vaccination, or a wide list of conditions under which a person can reject them. The school was at the forefront of this controversy as to the safety of students it is necessary to vaccinate everyone.

A special position is occupied by the school, where children gathered for some religious signs, their parents often oppose vaccinations. This, unfortunately, applies to the Orthodox Jews, which may explain the outbreak of measles in Kehilat Jacob. It is worth mentioning that the Orthodox Union (OU) and the rabbinical Council of America (RCA) has urged all parents to vaccinate their children in accordance with the schedule recommended by their pediatrician.

In an official statement, they note that “There are halachic obligations to care for their own health and to take measures for prevention of the diseases of other people. Jewish law is based on the consensus of medical experts in determining and assigning appropriate responses to illness and prevention. Thus, the main consensus pokemon (halachic authorities) supports the vaccination of children to protect them from disease and to eradicate the disease through community immunity“.

New measles outbreak in Williamsburg. 21 children infected in school updated: March 9, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev
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