The sister of Andrei Danilko accused his brother of kidnapping a child

After this incident, a famous actor stopped communicating with his sister.

Danilko told terrible accident, which he no longer maintains contact with his sister, reports LigaNews c by a reference to “Explorer“.

“I no longer communicate with the sister. There was a situation when she has done wrong, and I was very touched. Once I saw that her son and my nephew feels really bad. I put it in the clinic”, – said the artist.

According to Danilko, he just wanted to avoid a quarrel between his sister, who manifested emotional in communicating with physicians, therefore, concealed from her the place where her son. Andrew admitted that his sister is a very conflicted man.

“She wrote the application in militia on me, I allegedly stole her child’s organs. Arrived at the Studio to arrest. When the militiamen saw me, got scared, said my sister, “weird”, but they could not respond to her statement. I felt bad, since I basically don’t communicate with her”, – said the musician.

But with my nephew at Danilko has developed a very good relationship, he even bought the guy a separate apartment.

As previously reported LigaNews, Danilko agreed to speak at the “Eurovision – 2019”. It is also known that Andrey Danilko scandal live for Eurovision.
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