In the United States approved a bill concerning the recognition of Russian Crimea

American officials approved the document in Crimea, but it has some nuances.

Foreign media published information that the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives of the United States Congress has made the unanimous approval of the bill that prohibits the us government to recognize the Russian Crimea. It is reported by “League news Russia”, citing the press service of the Committee.

Famous singer Alyona Apina made the controversial statement about Crimea

It is envisaged that the document will allow to introduce a ban for all government agencies on any action that may lead to the recognition de jure or de facto sovereignty of Russia over the Peninsula.

Also, the bill stipulates the right of the President of the United States on the exceptions in that case, if the President decides that it is in the national security interests of the United States.

If the document is approved by the House of representatives and the Senate, it will go to the President for signature. He has the right to reject the initiative or return it to Congress with his comments, but MPs can override the veto the White house, taking the bill with a two thirds vote of each chamber.

In addition, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that, despite the friendship with the country and Putin refuses to recognize the Crimean Peninsula as Russian territory.
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