Path For Approaching Memorial Day Ceremony Revealed

Path For Approaching Memorial Day Ceremony Revealed
As the 2021 Cheshire Memorial Day Motorcade Ceremony shows up, the Ceremony Board wish to motivate all Cheshire locals along the Ceremony path to prepare to applaud on the armed forces veterans that will be taking part in vehicles throughout the community.

Regional veterans from all armed forces branches that responded to the contact us to solution to their nation will own, or be owned, in this unique motorcade that will trigger from the Green at 1:30 p.m. today, Might 30. Ceremony coordinators are asking for all locals to put American flags on their homes or in their lawns and appear to recognize these veterans as they go by. Many vehicles will have the names of the veterans or professional companies on the sides of the vehicles, and the joys as they pass are really much valued.

The Cheshire Veterans Council likewise requests locals to utilize this time around to instruct the kids present to put their hands over their hearts and remove their hats or caps so they recognize the implying of Memorial Day. It is essential for all to keep in mind that today has to do with recognizing those that compromised their resides in solution to our nation.

Coordinators would certainly like locals to remain to think about social distancing and not congregate in mass events along the path, in deference to the pandemic, which is still impacting lots of in our specify and in our community.

The Veteran motorcade will travel the following route approved by the Cheshire Police Department:

•Start at Cheshire First Congregational Church Green/Wallingford Rd.

•Right on Woodpond Rd.

•Right on Strathmore Dr.

•Right on Wood Hill Rd.

•Left on Merwin Cir.

•Right on Radmere Rd.

•Right on Jinny Hill Rd.

•Left on Sperry Rd.

•Right on Cook Hill Rd.

•Through Elim Park

•Continue on South Brooksvale Rd.

•Right on Avon Blvd.

•Left on North Brooksvale Rd.

•Right on Towpath Ln.

•Left on Higgins Rd.

•Right on Sorghum Mill Dr.

•Right on Mountain Rd.

•Right on Cornwall Ave.

•Left on Timber Ln.

•Left on Rustic Ln.

•Left on Oak Ave.

•Left on Ives Row

•Right on Mountain Rd.

•Right on West Main St.

•Left on Lynwood Dr.

•Left on Peck La.

•Right on Cambridge Dr.

•Right on Chestnut St.

•Right on Sheridan Dr.

•Left on Carlton Dr., merge onto Westmore Rd.

•Left on West Main St.

•Left on Robin La.

•Right on Deepwood Dr.

•Left on West Main St.

•Left on Maple Ave.

•Left on Park Pl.

•Left on Lincoln Dr., merge onto South Rolling Acres Rd.

•Left on Overlook Dr.

•Right on Contour Dr.

•Left on Curve Hill Rd.

•Left on Highland Ave.

•Right on Creamery Rd.

•Right on Wolf Hill Rd.

•Left on Payne Dr., merge onto Redstone Dr.

•Left on Wolf Hill Rd. merge onto Country Club Rd.

•Right on Club La.

•Right on Greenwood Dr., merge onto Redwood Dr.

•Right on Greenwood Dr.

•Right on Wiese Rd.

•Right on Academy Rd.

•Left on Carriage Dr.

•Left on Far Horizon Dr.

•Left on Village Dr.

•Right on Wallingford Rd.

•Straight through Church Dr.

Veterans who served our country in wartime and peacetime, from World War II through the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, will be part of this special motorcade which will travel throughout the town.

The following veterans or veteran organizations will be taking part in the Memorial Day Motorcade of Veterans:

• Rene Gagnon (U.S. Navy Seabee) WWII, Korea, Vietnam Wars, 2021 Honorary Co-Grand Marshal

• Jim Hart (U.S. Army Air Force) WWII, 2021 Honorary Co-Grand Marshal

• John White (U.S. Navy) Vietnam; Parade Marshal

• Rabbi Micah Ellison (2021 Parade Chaplain)

• John Bate (U.S. Coast Guard/CT National Guard) Vietnam War era

• Steve Blake (U.S. Army) 1980-2003, Gulf War

• Leigh Cogle (US Army Reserves) 1994-2002

• Phil Cogle (US Army) 1964-1967

• Ford Cole (U.S. Navy) Vietnam War

• Joe Cordova (U.S. Navy) Vietnam War

• Fred Coughlin (U.S. Army) Korean War

• Irv Daubert (U.S. Army Air Force) WWII

Ed Dobbins Jr., (U.S. Army) Desert Shield.

• John Dyer (U.S. Army) WWII

• Don Falk (U.S. Army) Vietnam War

• Jeff Falk (U.S. Navy) 1995-2003

• Bert Finkel (U.S. Air Force) Vietnam, Gulf War

• Robert Formica (U.S. Air Force) 1979-1983

• Jeff Hanke (U.S. Navy) 1994-2014, Afghanistan

• Bruce Humiston (U.S. Army) 1965-71 Vietnam War Era

• Dick Kelly (U.S. Air Force) Vietnam

• Jr  Lauber (U.S. Marine Corps) 2004-2008 Iraq War; Purple Heart Recipient; Combat Vets Assoc.

• Jim Lauber (U.S. Marine Corps) 1974-1978 Vietnam War Era; Marine Corps League

• Scott Lavallee (U.S. Coast Guard) 1978-2001; Member of Nam Knights MC

• Theodore Mackey (U.S. Navy /Seal Team 2) Vietnam War

• Anthony Maniscalco (U.S. Air Force) Korean War

• Vin Masotta (U.S. Air Force) Vietnam War era

• Jay Polaski (U.S. Army) 1998-2001 Gulf War

• John Rose (U.S. Navy) Vietnam War

• Harvey Russell (U.S. Navy) 1976-1980; Navy Reserves 1980-1983

• Greg St. Martin (U.S. Navy) First Gulf War Era 1987-1991; VFW Post 10052

• Emily Trudeau (U.S. Navy)

• Amy Waraksa (U.S. Navy) 1999-2004, Operation Enduring Freedom & Operation Iraqi Freedom

• Bob White (U.S. Navy) Vietnam

• Marc Youngquist (U.S. Marine Corps/U.S. Army) Vietnam, Desert Storm, 9/11, Iraq

Different veteran organizations will also be represented by other vehicles, as well as the Parade Vehicle a cknowledging what Memorial Day is all about:

• Matt Pardee (Pause. Honor. Remember.) Memorial Day Tribute Car Escort

• Sue Bieler/Nancy Bracket (Representing Army Air Force Roundtable of CT)

• Hayley Falk (Representing Because of the Brave)

• Leslie Marinaro (Representing Cheshire Veterans Council/Parade Committee)

• The Cheshire Police Department will be leading and organizing the Motorcade

• The Cheshire Fire Department will follow the Motorcade

• B.R.A.V.E. Club, Cheshire High School

All are urged to practice social distancing at areas where a crowd may gather.

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