“Israel is on the moon”

After the noisy celebrations in Israel due to launch into space a lunar probe, “in the beginning” the US Embassy reminded the Israelites about the decisive role of Americans in this project.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not miss the chance to use late half of the year launch of the lunar probe into his campaign. The Prime Minister was present at the dispatch SpaceIL and gave a speech in which he called lunar mission “evidence of Israeli heroism and the phenomenal what’s happening here”. The head of the government declared project “a giant breakthrough for Israeli technologies” and “a huge achievement that shows what we’re capable of thanks to scientists, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, leaders, and investors.” The contribution of foreign investors and technologies Netanyahu did not mention.

But the U.S. Embassy issued a press release in which it emphasized the role of American entrepreneurs and technologies in the “Israeli lunar project.” The Embassy recalled that the lunar probe was launched into space by the American company SpaceX, and this partnership was made possible thanks to the support of the US government, which “encourages commercial space sector to provide affordable services close allies, is also involved in research of space”.

The Embassy also reminds that the Israeli NGOs SpaceIL lunar probe built in cooperation with local industry and academic institutions, was established in response to an initiative by Google X prize: in 2011, Google promised a prize of $ 30 million to private entrepreneurs who will be able to send a research probe to the moon.

Google announced in terms SpaceIL is not met, the lion’s share of the project financing with a total cost of 95 million shekels assumed Israeli billionaire and philanthropist of South African origin Morris Kahn, 13 million added in 2014 American billionaire Sheldon Edelson, about 10 million invested by the Israeli space Agency.

The scientific mission of the Israeli lunar probe is to study the magnetic field of the moon. The necessary equipment was provided by the Weizmann Institute and the American space Agency NASA. The U.S. Embassy reminds that NASA will participate in the mission of Beresheet, maintaining contact with the probe from its lunar orbital spacecraft.

The engine of the lunar probe manufactured by a British company Nammo. The probe should prionitis in April and will be able to work on the lunar surface just two days after that, his system will overheat and fail.

In addition to scientific equipment, “in the beginning” to deliver to the moon capsule with the full text of the English Wikipedia, the Torah, the Declaration of independence of Israel, the memoirs of Holocaust survivors, children’s drawings, the text of the hymn “Hatikva”, the national flag of Israel.


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