In the United States allowed the import and sale of genetically modified salmon “Frankenfish”

U.S. residents are one step closer to see on the shelves of grocery stores salmon grown through genetic engineering. Friday, March 8, Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA) has published a press release in which it announced about the cancellation of the ban on the import and sale of genetically modified Atlantic salmon (AquAdvantage).

Salmon, which is unofficially dubbed the “Frankenfish“, received FDA approval in 2015. Then the authority, after several years of research, found the fish safe for human consumption and stated that between genetically-modified salmon and its natural counterpart no significant differences. Also in their study, the FDA studied the impact of the production of such fish on the environment and published its final assessment in November 2015, which States that the farming of AquAdvantage salmon do not entail danger to the environment of the United States.

However, in 2016, Congress ordered FDA to ban the sale of such fish in the United States, as long as regulators do not make recommendations about how it should be marked. The FDA in response to this Directive rescinded its resolution and issued a warning to ban the import in the US, the AquAdvantage salmon. In the same year, Congress passed a law requiring the Ministry of agriculture (US Department of Agriculture — USDA) to develop national standards that are mandatory, requiring a manufacturer to label food produced with genetic engineering.

In December 2018 , the USDA published a press release in which it announced the creation of a national standard for the disclosure of information about bioengineered foods. From January 1, 2020 large producers (small producers — January 2021) will be obliged to inform the consumer about bio-engineered the production process of their goods using text, symbols, bar code and even ordinary Internet links.

In light of recent events, the FDA said Friday that it no longer has the authority to issue guidelines for voluntary labeling that indicates the presence of GMOcomponents in food. Therefore, the controller cancels its ban on the import AquaAdvantage salmon, including eggs used for the cultivation of this fish.

The AquAdvantage salmon produced by AquaBounty. It contains the growth hormone taken from a Chinook salmon and a gene of the American bulldogi that allows to grow fish to large sizes just over 1.5 years instead of the usual 3 years. All AquAdvantage salmon is barren females, which appear at the company, which has no outlet to the sea. Thus, according to the manufacturer, are excluded variants of getting GMO fish in the ocean and pairing her there with the wild salmon.

The FDA allowed the importation and sale of genetically modified “salmon-Frankenstein” in the United States updated: March 10, 2019 author: Natalia Osmolovskaya
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