“Schizoid story associated with problems inside the United States” – Medvedev on new sanctions against Russia

The Russian official spoke about some of the nuances associated with the introduction of new sanctions against the country.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview that the new package of sanctions against Russia represents a “schizoid history”. It is reported by NTV, reports the “League news Russia”

“As for the sanctions themselves, that this latest outburst, which occurred recently, is another such schizoid story associated with the way in America and the consolidation of elites. I mean the struggle with Russia”, – said Medvedev.

The USA prepared to enter the tough sanctions that will affect every Russian

The head of government noted that the consolidation of the elites in America takes place on the basis of the fight against Donald trump. According to him, this struggle is conducted by means of “Russian history”.

According to Medvedev, the problems in the United States do very much.

In addition, the media publish information that the Western countries approached step of concluding arrangements for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. The reason for this decision, says the source, is incident with Ukrainian ships in the Azov sea.
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