Discovery divers: the underwater world found the tooth of a giant sloth that died due to dehydration

Divers managed to surprise the inhabitants of the globe a new discovery in the underwater world.

According to preliminary information, the above anomaly was found around Belize. Despite the possible search of artifacts belonging to the Maya civilization, explorers of the deep was able to find the tooth of a creature that lived on the Blue planet 27 000 years ago. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before divers managed to find a giant worm.

Experts also found some bones that comprise the leg. In addition, it was found that the tooth of the sloth reached ten inches in length. Through numerous research surveys failed to establish that the ancient sloth was the lack of water resources.

In the above time period the water was trapped in ice blocks so it is mainly dominated arid climate. It should be noted that the habitat of sloths was the territory that stretched from Brazil to the southern regions of the United States.

Despite their clumsiness, these creatures have managed to occupy such a large territory. Experts drew attention to the fact that the mass extinction of these creatures happened about 11,000 years ago.
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