“The sadness of Saint-Germain”: the French experts on the departure of PSG from the Champions League

Sell Mbappe saying goodbye to Buffon, to keep Neymar and to revive the spirit of the team? That offered French football experts after “Paris St Germain” has suffered defeat from “Manchester United” in the match of 1/8 final of the Champions League? Talk in our sports review.

On March 5 at the shelves of French shops appeared the next issue of the magazine “France Football”. On the cover midfielder “Paris Saint-Germain” Marco verratti soars with the ball over heading material , “Verratti — the time is now!” that it is time for the midfielder to confirm his class in the European Championships. In the upper right corner — slightly more modest headline “Manchester United is already preparing to lose the skin.” Inside the magazine is another text that focuses on how effectively the PSG fulfills in the attack, as a good lightning acceleration Mbappe and Neymar, and “Manchester United” at the same time still being rebuilt after the departure of Alex Ferguson. It was hard to imagine that, in the words of journalists, “unbalanced”, the young and deprived of key players the club will put “the Parisians” on the shoulder just a day after the magazine in print.

What happened?

“Paris St Germain” again remained without Champions League quarter-final. In the return match of the 1/8 finals at the Paris stadium, Parc des princes, the team of Thomas Tuchel lost “Manchester United”. The meeting ended with the score 3:1 in favor of Manchester United. Despite the fact that the red devils lost the first match with PSG at home on old Trafford, the sum of results of two matches, the wards of OLE Gunnar sulsher reached the quarter-finals. Never has there been such that the club defeated in the first match of the playoffs of the League with two goals or more, has passed on, but the red devils did.

The scoring the early goal opened Romelu Lukaku, then in the 12th minute of the “Parisian” Juan Bernat equalized. However, Lukaku once again brought “Manchester United” forward. Decisive in the match was the penalty against the Parisians appointed in stoppage second half time. The arbitrator appointed him to the 92nd minute. Diogo Dalat struck, and the ball flew away from the opponent to the corner. The referee went to check with the system videoporama (VAR), and, having found that Presnell Kimpembe’s handball, awarded a penalty kick. Struck from the penalty spot Marcus Rashford ensured his team reached the quarter-finals and, as he wrote “L’equipe”, “the soup splashed in the face of opponents.”

Defeat from “Manchester United” reminded the experts and fans of PSG about other failures of the club, the game against Chelsea (2-0 in favor of the British) in 2014 and 2017 match against Barcelona (6-1 in favor of the Catalans). Only this time even harder — to lose at home especially offensively.

Who is to blame?

“PSG are certainly not real, and the pace never will be”, — wrote after the defeat of the newspaper “L’equipe”. And the magazine “France Football” the following match day, began to search guilty in the loss.

According to the publication, the first number in the list is responsible for the departure of the club from the League is CEO of PSG Nasser al-Khelaifi. From the viewpoint of French experts, the businessman, a tennis player and confidant of the Emir of Qatar Tamim al-Thani in the management of the club is based on the principle of “divide and conquer”. There is the opinionthat al-Khelaifi failed to satisfy the requirements of the Tuchel to acquire a profile and create the conditions for the implementation of the coaching plan into reality. Besides, according to “L’equipe”, al-Khelaifi too often missing to fully organize the work of the club.

Experts also believethat the Foundation of Qatar Sports Investment, which owns “Paris St Germain” in 2011, “divorced from club culture”: they don’t know, I do not remember and do not share the history of the team. To solve this problem it would be good to involve someone who was witness to important events in the history of the club. Different publications offered Valdo, Rai or David Ginola.

Next in the line of fire for the French experts was the sports Director of PSG Antero Henrique. Put him in the guilt of the absence of dense bundles with Thelem. Experts “France Football” feltthat Enrique too late “signed” Leandro Paredes and in addition it has not found a club strong Central midfielder.

Went to star goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, who not only failed to protect the gate, “PSG” from the attacks of the “red devils”, but, according to many, not working on the club spirit. While 41-year-old Italian will be in the “Paris St Germain” at least until 2020, and according to Sky, will continue cooperation with the club at all to 2021-th.

VARварское solution

“Paris Saint-Germain,” became the first “victim” of using the system of videophones referees in the Champions League. VAR was an important novelty on the world Cup 2018 in Russia. During the world Cup 29 the penalty was given with the help of this system, including a penalty against Croatian team in the final match of the championship. In the UEFA Champions League introduced the VAR in the 1/8. The early introduction of a system of videophones were President of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Bavaria” Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the coach of Manchester city, PEP Guardiola and even Nasser al-Khelaifi.

Thomas Tuchel at the post-match conference admitted that he agreed with the need for VAR and not has to system issues. But there are questions to the trajectory of the ball, sent Dalacom. In the opinion of the coach “PSG”, obviously the ball flew above the gate: “There are two questions. The first — hand game. It is very difficult, as too many points in favor of punishment against him: distance from other players, impact force, increased player area of the body or not, his arm was in a natural position or not — there are many things to consider before making a decision. And I think it’s still 50/50: there will always be people who will say that we should be punished, and those who are with exactly the same arguments against punishment. It regards the hands. For me, complicates everything else: I had a clear feeling that the impact of Galata was not the target. To “gift” in the form of a penalty when he hit 20-22 meters above the crossbar is not logical. It’s a big decision. Yes, you can say that you have played, knowing that we had to score, but didn’t. We, of course, can also be to blame. But still, it was an important decision is cruel and fatal for us.”

By the way, the smallest of criticisms of the French experts and journalists brought it on Thomas Tuchel. The newspaper “L’equipe” saidthat “the choice of the former coach of Dortmund as a replacement for the Spaniard Unai emery was without a doubt one of the best decisions in recent seasons.” The consultant Agency RMC Sport the former PSG midfielder Jerome Rothen foundthat Tuchel departure from the Champions League will be a good lesson: “I first saw him so passive, I continue to believe that its arrival brought many positive both in terms of team leadership, and from the point of view of the love and respect of the players to him… But he also didn’t have enough experience, he is a young coach who at the highest level only coached Borussia Dortmund, and with all due respect to this club the Champions League they don’t win.”

What to do?

“We will not tolerate such a defeat in the match with Manchester United”, — commented on the incident, Presnell Kimpembe, noting that the lesson learned, but about the defeat of the rest of the season to forget to concentrate on the national trophy.

And forget going to be difficult. In addition, because of the early departure from the Champions League PSG remain without a prize of UEFA, the club risks losing signed at the end of February a sponsorship contract with hotel giant Accor. It was reportedthat the contract calls for annual investment of around 50 million euros. High probability that the club will have to sell players.

Jerome Rothen in an interview with the newspaper “Le Figaro” saidthat the club “need to whisk and replace 50% of the members”. According to Rotana, “the Parisians” should gain maybe a little less famous players who have psychology and understand the spirit of the club and the candidates for relegation in the summer should be Silva, verratti, Di Maria and Draxler. The company also doubted the usefulness of Alves and Buffon: they had to bring to the team their experience and psychology, but, as shown by the match against Manchester United, this did not happen.

In the opinion Retina, if the leadership of the PSG will have to sell one of the “star” forwards, you should say goodbye Mbappe: “in order to Shine, Kilian need to be near him now was the eminent player. In the match against “Manchester United” we saw today he still is not ready to become a full leader, in such moments, it is noticeable that he is only 20 years old….Hard to say, but Neymar was out of this disaster, and his injuries are not eternal. This nugget should be stored”.

“L’equipe” to ask another question: do not want “the nugget” Neymar to leave “Paris Saint-Germain”, especially in the context of the struggle for the “Golden ball”? In the opinion of former goalkeeper Jerome Alonzo, who advises the publication, such a risk is: “He can say to himself: “I’ll Go look for big offers somewhere else.” It will be a serious blow to Qatar Sports Investment”.
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