Stop Ayuvedic eye drops for Covid treatment, says JVV

NELLORE: Noted physician and Jana Vignana Vedika executive member Dr M.V. Ramanaiah has demanded that administering of free eye drops as Covid cure at Krishnapatnam village in Nellore district be stopped forthwith. The doctor feared that people may otherwise lose their eyesight in case these drops are being made in unhygienic conditions.

Likewise, retired senior medical officer of Ayush department, Dr V. Ramakrishna Reddy of Ongole has called for extreme care while producing and administering eye drops.

Dr Ramanaiah underlined that there is no scientific evidence about the efficacy of medicines or eye drops being offered in Krishnapatnam by local Ayurveda doctor Bonigi Anandaiah to thousands of patients making a beeline to the village every day.

The doctor acknowledged that Anandaiah has been offering Ayurveda treatment to patients affected by brain stroke and victims of snake and scorpion bites.

However, he expressed surprise that he is now offering treatment for Coronavirus too free of cost.

“Though there is no danger with oral medicines, eye drops can damage the entire nervous system,” Dr. Ramanaiah cautioned.

He and retired senior Ayush medical officer, however, opined that government can examine the effectiveness of Anandaiah’s medicines by allowing him to treat 20 critically ill patients who are on ventilators after taking consent from the kin of ailing.

Dr. Ramakrishna Reddy pointed out that administering Ayurvedic medicines through eyes, nose, under tongue and through anus is an age-old practice. He said any medicine applied through these four paths gives immediate results, explaining the reason behind critical Covid patients responding to eye drops at Krishnapatnam with sudden improvement in their oxygen levels.

The retired senior Ayush medical officer explained, “Applying medicine through eyes is known as Nethranjanam in Ayurveda. Medicines, such as Ananda Bhairavi, Muthyunjaya Rasam, Seethansa Rasam, and Prabhakaravati, are applied to eyes in the form of paste like Katuka (kajal). Such medicine would reach the brain in seconds and help people come out of even coma, unconsciousness and very high fever,” he explained.

Dr Ramakrishna Reddy said ingredients used by Anandaiah in his oral medicines are harmless. He, however, maintained that the state government should validate these medicines through lab tests before they are administered to general population.


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