“Hitting” failed

Hardly had consulted with his lawyers, the political strategist of the Republican party and a representative of the environment Donald trump, Roger stone, who in the course of the investigation conducted by the special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has filed a number of charges.

So, stone is suspected of obstruction of official persons, witness tampering and making false statements about his contacts with representatives of the WikiLeaks website, which in 2016 published the documents, obtained after a hacking attack on the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party.

According to investigators, stone said one of the leaders of electoral headquarters of the trump that existing information could harm Hillary Clinton, and later admitted that during the campaign was in contact with Julian Assange — founder of WikiLeaks. But at the same time, according to the lawyer Grant Smith, there is no evidence linking the stone to the Russian interference in the election process, the arraignment, he called the attempt to make his client was silent.

However, stone not only did not keep his opinions to himself, but also published on his page in Instagram a message that was considered a threat to the judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding in the case. In it he posted a picture of her next to the cross inscribed in a circle, which some took as a stylized image of the sight, and also said that Mueller is specially made so that it led the process, and appealed to supporters asking for financial assistance. In particular, the suspect reminded that Berman Jackson, appointed by President Barack Obama, withdrew charges against Hillary Clinton in connection with the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which occurred when she was Secretary of state, and that the decision of the judge by Paul Manafort was taken into custody before he was convicted.

However, the same day the stone began to edit the message and then deleted it, after which the released new: “Please tell the judge that I regret my actions. I had no intention to sound disrespectful, and I apologize for such a wrong act.”

However, after that Berman Jackson, citing the need to maintain the authority of the judiciary and adjudication, banned stone speak publicly on any topic and in any form, although such a right is not deprived of his lawyers.

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