Military simulations have revealed the vulnerability of the army of the United States: the Americans can’t win Russia and China

The armed conflict between the United States and Russia with China will not succeed for Americans, the threat of which represent high-precision long-range missiles.

The relevant data was published the strategic research center “RAND Corporation” on the basis of an annual simulation to determine the ability of the United States to confront his enemies.

The results of the simulation were published by “American Thinker” and they were disappointing for Washington. As it turned out, the U.S. Armed forces unable to fight with Russia and China without using nuclear weapons.

The RAND Corporation report says that even with the use of his “superweapons”, including fighter jets with stealth technology and aircraft carriers, as well as funding in the amount of $ 700 billion per year, the United States will “lead to large losses in each of the scenarios”.

The analysts believe that the expansion of NATO to the countries of Eastern Europe actually has a negative effect, because in this way the Alliance got unnecessary obligations in the field of security. At the same time, the development of military technology from the US adversaries are increasingly destroying the effect of American military superiority.

The arms of the United States, certainly, effectively, the report says, however, land bases, and aircraft carriers are too vulnerable target for Russian and Chinese missiles.

So, according to the former Deputy head of the Pentagon Robert Wark, the F-35 will really seize the initiative in a dogfight, however, destroyed cars are still on the ground, and in huge quantities.

Moreover, the simulation found the most vulnerable spot of the American army. In many scenarios, command centers of the U.S. armed forces were completely destroyed, but after this the simulator was stopped. This is due to the fact that managing the troops became almost impossible.
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