American journalist Cody Weddle disappeared in the morning in Caracas

Journalist Cody Weddle, a US citizen, a native of Virginia, who worked for ABC News, the Miami Herald and the British Daily Telegraph this morning has been captured in Venezuela unknown and taken along with his assistant Carlos Camacho in an unknown direction.

Geplaatst door Cody Weddle op Dinsdag 5 februari 2019

Guard house in Caracas, where he lived, the 29-year-old Weddle, told the Washington Post that went into the building about 10 armed men in black and one in police uniform. They said that the military court ordered his arrest on charges of “treason”. The media workers ‘ Union of Venezuela reported that they have no connection with Waddam from 8 in the morning and assumes that he is arrested by military counterintelligence. In his apartment seized equipment and SIM card.

With concern for the fate of a journalist has made by Telegraph, according to which the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela is providing consular assistance. Demanding the immediate release of Waddle were made by the senators from Florida Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, Congressman from Virginia’s Morgan Griffith.

The President and Executive Director of WPLG E. R. Bert Medina issued a statement on behalf of the station, which cooperated with the captured journalist: “We are working to find out all the information about the whereabouts of the reporter Cody Weddle. We have read the reports that his house has been RAID by the Venezuelan military. Today, we are unable to contact Cody, and very worried about him. We try to obtain as much information as possible to understand when it is released. Cody devoted himself himself to to tell about events in Venezuela for our viewers in South Florida. The arrest of the journalist, doing their job, is outrageous and unacceptable“.

Assistant Secretary of state Kimberly Breuer said that the US state Department “deeply concerned” by reports of the detention Weddle. “Being a journalist is not a crime. We demand his immediate release, “she said. The Venezuelan government had no immediate comment on the arrest Weddle.

The situation in Venezuela remains tense due to the confrontation between democratic forces led by Juan Guido and socialist Nicolas Maduro. USA and most countries in Europe and Latin America recognized Guido legitimate interim President of the Republic, but Maduro support the military. Monday, Guido returned to the country, he picks up the rallies in their support and is preparing a nationwide strike.

In Venezuela, an American journalist Cody Weddle taken by the military and taken to an unknown destination updated: March 6, 2019 author: Alexander Brezhnev

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