Chauprade: the European Parliament’s daughter Peskov no access to secret data

Member of the European Parliament from France, a former member of extreme right “natsfronta” Aymeric Chauprade claims that his Intern Elisabeth Sand has no access to particularly important secret information in the European Parliament. On it informs Agency AFP 25 Feb.

Aymeric Chauprade said that the daughter of the press Secretary of the President of Russia at the beginning of my internship in his office in November last year and will finish in April 2019, together with the completion of parliamentary term of Soprada. The Deputy reported that Elizabeth Peskov as an Intern receives one thousand euros per month — as well as other students trained in his office. In his opinion, this situation is not “no conflict of interest or threat to security.”

Chauprade told Le Monde that he was familiar with the press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov before to take in interns his daughter. “I accidentally found out that she (Elizabeth Peskov) studying law in Paris. I met with her and she told me that she was interested in (internship),” — said the MEP.

“She’s training me since November, according to the rules approved by the European Parliament. Her contact was approved and already once renewed by the administration. I did it secretly,” he continues.

Chauprade says that Madame Sand in the European Parliament only have access to publicly available information, she does not attend closed meetings. The Deputy underlined that his trainee is unable to follow the work of the parliamentary cooperation Committee between the EU and Russia, which is Aymeric Chauprade.

The official representative of the European Parliament, Marjory van den Broek confirmed that the assistants and interns MEPs do not have access to secret documents. According to her, Soprada also no access to confidential data.

A European source told AFP that the European Parliament, including its internal computer network, not top secret documents.

A number of MEPs expressed their surprise and bewilderment at the fact that the daughter of the press Secretary of the President of Russia has unfettered access to the European Parliament and that this internship was approved.

Meanwhile, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called training his daughter in the European Parliament the usual student practice. He stressed, however, that this question does not concern his official duties.

Aymeric Chauprade, member of the Committee on foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on security and defense and delegate to the parliamentary cooperation Committee between the EU and Russia. In the European Parliament he was elected in 2014, from the extreme right “natsfronta”. Was an adviser to marine Le Pen on foreign policy.

In 2015 he left the party, and then joined the eurosceptic faction “Europe of freedom and direct democracy” (EFDD) in the European Parliament. In March 2014, Chauprade was an international observer at the referendum in Crimea, organized by Russia. As wrote newspaper Mediapart, Aymeric Chauprade has twice appeared before the deputies of the state Duma, and in 2013 was a guest of the club “Valdai”.

The name Emeric Soprada cited in connection with the sensational case, which the press dubbed the “Air cocaïne”. In March 2013, in the Dominican Republic from a private Falcon 50 aircraft police seized 680 kilograms of cocaine. Two French pilots (former military) Pascal Faure and Bruno of Rhodes, sentenced there to 20 years in prison. Pending the appeal the sentence, when they are released, the pilots escaped from the Dominican Republic by sea. The MEP Chauprade in 2015, admitted that was one of the initiators of the escape. He explainedthat he did it “out of solidarity towards compatriots who were under threat”.
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