Efim Shifrin insulted rappers: “In a coffin seen their slogans”

Famous comedian decided to compare contemporary rap culture from the Komsomol slogans.

In its official microblogging “Instagram” Efim Shifrin expressed his dissatisfaction with modern music and rap artists in particular, reports LigaNews.

Humorist published the old Soviet picture of him and his class walk, singing a song.

“Damn, and after all the time somewhere Chagall! Now go and explain that tattooed the rappers that I don’t care about their slogans!” – signed photo of the scenes.

According to the comedian, his annoying rap music, because many texts like the rhyming slogans of the Soviet era.

Fans of Schifrin took it all in jest and supported him in this opinion:

“Oh, thank you for Your brilliant sense of humor!!! Now I understood everything about this rap!”

“And I still think, well I rap so annoying?”

“What about the rappers not the nail just on the spot!”

“Even toilet in d/garden build and chorus: take the new rifle, the bayonet flags and song go in small circles!”

As previously reported LigaNews, the star of “full House” Shifrin reported serious health problems. It is also known that suddenly resurrected the “dead” rapper 29-year-old Sasha Cheekbones.
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