Ukrainian Bank is forcing Russia to “pay” the annexation of Crimea

Ukraine is struggling amid the hardships of the Crimea to take from Russia as much money as possible.

Ukrainian PrivatBank declared that the results of the victory over Russia in arbitration court of the Hague, she is obliged to pay compensation for lost on the territory of Crimea assets. It is reported by “League news Russia”, citing the press service of the state Bank.

“Naftogaz” refused to “Gazprom” in the extension of the transit, hoping to receive $ 10 billion

The amount of compensation in connection with expropriation of Ukrainian property is not called, the court intends to determine in the course of further proceedings. Ukrainian banking group insists on compensation in the amount of one billion dollars.

In the Netherlands arrested the assets of “Gazprom” to “Naftogaz”

The Ukrainian government and companies after the Crimea to Russia began to fill up international courts with claims for compensation of lost assets on the Peninsula. For example, “Naftogaz” demands from Russia five billion dollars.

In addition, Vitrenko wrote in Facebook that the current contract with Russia Ukraine will not renew due to the inconsistency of laws.

According to Vitrenko, the agreement which is concluded between the Ukraine and Russia, “does not meet either Ukrainian or European legislation”.
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