The earth can absorb star: the scientists said that promises rendezvous earthlings with Andromeda

In the scientific world is told what consequences threatens the collision of Andromeda and the milky Way.

Their own conclusions experts made on the basis of the simulation space. The most popular is the assumption that, after all the above galaxy can relive the reunion. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the seer predicted the death of the Earth.

It should be noted that the connection/separation of these galaxies will play a crucial role in the further existence of the globe. Now there is a possibility that the Earth will come out of the Solar system and join the other star. May also be followed by a change in orbit that will cause dramatic changes.

If, nevertheless, it will rendezvous this kind of stars, then they will follow a common center of mass, which will form a stable binary system. This is why soon the globe can be absorbed by the other star. The above scenario is the most favorable for the Earth. Otherwise, other developments promise the inhabitants of the earth disappear completely.

Still, professionals are more inclined to believe that earthlings will be able to survive under such dangerous circumstances.
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