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Clock with voice alert  Clock with voice notification From this article we will learn how to assemble a” talking clock “. But this clock, can say not only what time it is, but also can tell what temperature and level of illumination.
All this is implemented on the basis of one interesting Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board.
Tools and materials: -Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board; -Speaker; -Real time clock module DS3231; -AMS1117 3.3V power supply module; -Double-sided DIY PCB 7×9 cm; -TIP41C transistor; -Capacitor 1000 uF; -Resistor 1K; -Pin connector; -Screw terminals; -Threaded spacers;
-Power supply 5V;
-Soldering accessories;
Clock with voice notification Step one: scheme project and a little about the board
The diagram is shown in the picture below.
Clock with voice alert On Adafruit Circuit board Playground Express has a built-in mini speaker, but its sound is not loud enough, so the master used an external speaker.
Adafruit Circuit Playground Express Board is equipped with ARM Cortex M0, 48 MHz processor and integrated with many sensors such as:
-Motion sensor.
-Light sensor.
-Temperature sensor.
-IR- receiver and transmitter.
-Sound sensor.
-Mini speaker.
-There are 10 NeoPixels on the board
-Infrared Receiver and Transmitter – can receive and transmit any remote control codes, as well as send messages between Circuit Playground Expresses. Also can act as a proximity sensor.
-Multiple buttons
-MicroUSB port for programming and debugging
-USB port can work as a serial port, keyboard, mouse, joystick or MIDI.
Clock with voice alert Step two: building
After assembling all the parts, the wizard proceeds to install the device.
After measuring and marking, he drilled 14 holes on the PCB, corresponding to 14 holes in the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board. I installed spacers in the holes. I installed and secured the board on the spacers.
Clock with voice notification Clock with voice alert On the reverse side of the printed circuit board he soldered a 6-pin female connector for connecting the DS3231 RTC.
< a href = "" rel = "prettyPhoto">Watch with voice notification Soldered the rest of the details according to schemas.
Clock with voice notification Watch with voice notification Installed spacers on the speaker and screwed it to the board.
Clock with voice notification Clock with voice notification Clock with voice alert Step three: programming
Now you can upload the code. You can download it from here.
You also need to install two libraries.
Adafruit Circuit Playground by Adafruit.
RTCLib from Adafruit.
In order to download the program from the Arduino IDE on the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express board, you need to go to Tools ‣ Board ards Boards Manager ‣ Installing Adafruit SAMD Boards by Adafruit.
To read the time from the DS3231 via the I2C protocol, the wizard used the RTCLib library from Adafruit … After setting it, the time value is pronounced by voice through the speaker. This is done using the following commands, which are supported by the Adafruit Circuit Playground library, for example with an hour:

 switch (now.twelveHour ()) & # 123; case 1 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spONE); break; case 2 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spTWO); break; case 3 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spTHREE); break; case 4 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spFOUR); break; case 5 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spFIVE); break; case 6 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spSIX); break; case 7 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spSEVEN); break; case 8 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spEIGHT); break; case 9 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spNINE); break; case 10 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spTEN); break; case 11 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spELEVEN); break; case 12 & # 58; CircuitPlayground.speaker.say (spTWELVE); break; }  

The Talking Clock can voice the time, temperature and light levels. The settings are as follows:
– When the left button is pressed, the time and temperature are spoken.
– When the right button is pressed, the illumination level is spoken.
Clock with voice alert The device is powered from 5 V. Additionally, you can make power from the battery and the case and then the device can be carried.
Clock with voice notification Clock with voice alert  Clock with voice alert Clock with voice notification The assembly and programming of the device can be viewed on the video.


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