Drunk Alexander Emelianenko staged an accident in the Mercedes with the Chechen numbers – video

The Russian fighter was trying to get away from police on the car with the Chechen numbers.

In Kislovodsk with the famous fighter and a member of the club “Ahmad” Alexander Emelianenko in a drunken state, an incident occurred, which damaged two cars. As you know, he is the younger brother of world champion in mixed martial arts and combat Sambo Fedor Emelianenko. It is reported by telegram-channel Baza, reports the “League news Russia”.

In the Network appeared shots of the “fight” of Kadyrov and Emelianenko

According to media reports, at first, Emelianenko refused to stop on demand of the police and decided to escape. Police went in pursuit of him. At some point, the athlete lost concentration and smashed two cars.

After that, the police asked him to exit the vehicle. However, judging by available on the channel video, Emelianenko refused and started to swear and asked them if they know who you’re talking to.

After some time the police managed to pull the soldier out of the car, and then it turned out that he is in a state of extreme intoxication. Now, Emelianenko was taken for medical examination and his car “Mercedes” with the Chechen numbers sent to the impound lot.

According to Kadyrov, he feels deep sadness from the performance of Emelianenko. The head of Chechnya added that the Russian athlete looked helpless and wasn’t ready to fight.
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