Hearing Cohen: “an extraordinary moment even mad presidency trump”

In his interview Professor of history and specialist on American politics and Corentin Sellin analyzes the testimony of the priest, revealing their importance and the reaction of the occupant of the White house.

First of all, it should be recalled that Michael Cohen has a history of lying under oath, which inevitably weakens the reliability and scale of what he says, says Sellin. – In the speech of the priest the first important thing is that it demystifies the mystery surrounding the article in BuzzFeed, which in mid-January claimed that the President asked the priest to lie to Congress. These sluchayah we understand that Cohen recognizes that trump never directly asked him to lie, because, according to him, “he never does”. This shows both the strength and weakness of his testimony. Because a former close associate of President of the United States directly accuses him of bribery or intimidation of witnesses. And weakness, because that’s a serious accusation is based on his assumptions and his statements. On this point he did not provide any evidence”.

“Cohen says that he was present during a telephone conversation, proving that trump knew about the collusion between Roger stone, an adviser at shadow politics, and WikiLeaks. This is serious because this would mean that the candidate trump knew and approved the fact that WikiLeaks is disseminating stolen from the Democrats ‘ letter. However, Cohen again, no objective evidence, no records,” – said the expert.

“It is certainly out of the ordinary moment. The only precedent is John Dean, White house counsel under Nixon. His witness statement dated June 25, 1973 before the Senate Committee lit the fuse which later led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. The lawyers of Cohen continually lead this historical background, they even consulted with John Dean that, according to them, to guide his client on the path of truth. In this sense, the hearing, Michael Cohen – a unique event that stands out even against the background of the delusional presidency trump. A former close associate, who paints an ugly portrait of the President, calling him a racist, a liar, a manipulator and, without a doubt, criminal. Although, again, this is based solely on the words of the priest,” says Sellin.

“It is not clear and absolutely illogical to tramp on the one hand to say that Cohen is a liar, an unscrupulous lawyer, and at the same time to spend so much time talking about it and, therefore, indirectly advertising it. Because, speaking of Cohen, the American President knows it’s going to make people watch his statement. Moreover, it is illogical that trump is overseas and may be preparing to do something very positive for his presidency. Any other President would have decided to speak less about Cohen and focus on North Korea,” – says the interlocutor of the edition.

“When this postulate of irrationality is formulated, it can be explained in two ways. Either trump is really worried, because he knows that Cohen can say some embarrassing things. This could explain the senseless attack on Tuesday evening, when a representative of the Republicans from Florida, close to Trump, he tried to blackmail Michael Cohen, threatening to reveal the alleged details of his infidelity. Another hypothesis consistent with the approach already used by the President: trump believes that his best defense is a good offense. Lashing out at the priest, he shows to all those who are going to attack him, he will not hesitate bring them to clean water and will fiercely attack. In a sense, he uses the priest as a good example,” says Sellin.

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