Diabetic cases rising among COVID-19 recovered patients

Kakinada: Even as those who have recovered from Covid-19 are experiencing persistence of certain ailments such as extreme weakness, body pains, respiratory problems, depression and others, they are faced with another staggering issue – Many patients are developing diabetes.

Eminent physician and former Director of Medical Education Dr M.B.R. Sarma said that nearly 500 cases of fresh diabetes were found within 15 days of span in post-Covid patients. He said the virus is attacking pancreas, leading to diabetes. Use of steroids could also be a reason for it, he opined.

Dr Sarma wants doctors to exercise caution and use steroids in treatment only after seven days and that too if oxygen levels fall below 92. He worries that giving steroids from the first day may cause side- effects.

He said that it is not known yet whether the diabetes is temporary or permanent in Covid-recovered patients and it should be watched for another six months.

The Former Vice Chancellor of NTR Health University and also former Director of Medical Education, Dr  I.V. Rao, said the post-Covid patients are seen to suffer from extreme fatigue, continuous low-fever, cough and cold and others as a virus variant B.1.617 has become more severe. During the first wave of Covid-19, one lakh cases were registered in three months. In contrast, this time  the number was reached within 15 days of the second wave. He advised intake of multivitamins, nutritious foods like dry fruits and timely medication. He stressed the need to strictly follow Covid safety protocols such as wearing masks, keeping physical distance and sanitation. He warned that the virus is spreading fast. People should take care of their health and rejuvenate their lungs by doing breathing exercises and others and steer clear of depression due to any ailments.


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