Warsaw promises of NATO to spend more on militarization

The Polish authorities intend to increase spending on Armed forces, aviation and Navy.

Such statement on Tuesday, March 12, was made by the President Andrzej Duda, acting in the framework of the conference dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the entry into NATO of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

According to him, Warsaw is proud of its membership in NATO, and for this ready to expand financing of military expenditures.

“We must do this to protect citizens, to protect freedom and democracy,” says the President, justifying and the American military presence in Europe. Thus, the armed forces of the United States Andrzej Duda calls a “guarantor of European security”. “The presence of U.S. forces has allowed the return to Europe of peace and quiet,” he says.

While he could not ignore Russia, once again reminding about the “aggression” from Moscow and “the revival of the imperialist policy.”

It should be noted that Warsaw is perhaps the most loyal ally of Washington in the European Union. The United States has been able to place in Poland military bases, but in a short time the American military presence will be expanded again.
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