Bandi to take up arrest of journo Raghu with Centre

HYDERABAD: Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay condemned the arrest of journalist Raghu Ramakrishna and said that he would take up the issue with the Centre.

"Will journalists be arrested for pointing out the shortcomings of the government in our society? Some ruling party leaders occupied tribal lands in Huzurnagar constituency's Gurrampode thanda. Raghu has been booked for exposing such deeds. It is the media's job to highlight corruption and irregularities in public.”

“The KCR government wants to silence the media and give out a message that cases will be filed against those criticising ruling party leaders,” Sanjay said.

Noting that journalists played a major role in the agitation for statehood, he asked how a senior journalist could be 'kidnapped' 24 hours before the state celebrated its formation day. "What happened to Raghu today can happen to any other journalist here tomorrow," he said.

Congress spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju said, "Raghu, who has been exposing the TRS government's fault lines and spreading awareness around public issues, should be saved. He is a very agile journalist who has a brilliant understanding of social issues and belongs to a backward class community. The TRS government is solely responsible for Raghu's safety and immediate steps should be taken to prevent any untoward development.”



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