Unusual school life may affect children’s social behaviour: Experts

HYDERABAD: Child psychologists suggest that several outgoing school students could face difficulties in adopting normal social behaviour as they enter college in an offline setting.

"Students have been socially disconnected for a long time now. Classes are being conducted online, there is no peer support, and over the past few months, they have seen so much that they will be mentally and emotionally impacted for some time going forward," Dr Mothukuri Ramchander, Telangana Psychologists Association state president said.

Students in several schools have expressed their disappointment over not being able to meet friends and classmates like usual and even missing out on big school events and functions like investiture ceremony, sports functions, and farewell parties.

"Even though I believe it was a responsible decision to move the farewell for outgoing batch students owing to conditions outside, it felt a little empty when we realised that we will not be able to have the usual fun that previous batches have had. This is one big event every student looks forward to as school life comes to an end, but we didn't get the opportunity to live it", said Sukhjeet Kaur, a Pallavi Model School student here.

Another student from the school, Palash said that he is looking forward to being on the campus of a college soon and reliving the social connection he had experienced about two years ago now.

Ahana Basu, an outgoing student from Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, said even as there is sadness lingering for most students in their batch, they seem to have made peace with the situation. "When the conditions started to seem a little better in February, we were hoping that we would be able to attend our graduation party. But now it feels like we all will never be able to get together as a batch ever again. We have missed out on a lot", Ahana said.

Another child psychologist from the city, Dr Ravikanth said that the situation will especially be difficult for children who have dealt with the trauma recently.

"Several families have lost their elders. Children have lost their grandparents and many have chosen to stay aloof ever since. Such students will face more difficulty in getting back to a social life once they are back in schools or colleges. Not being able to live a normal school life has brought about some sadness in almost all students", he said.


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