Blame not the policy of Austria has explained why Ukraine is against Russian gas pipeline

Ukraine and Poland just want to keep the “transit revenues” of Russian gas and therefore actively oppose the construction of the “Nord stream-2”, bypassing Kiev and Warsaw.

This opinion was voiced by Rainer Seele, the head of the concern OMV (Austria) in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine, reports LIGAnews.

In Austria again urged Ukraine not to politicize the construction of new pipeline. While Seele is convinced that Kiev is afraid of losing the monopoly on the transit of Russian gas.

All disputes over the new pipeline only undermined the confidence of investors, among which the OMV.

With this in Austria once again pointed to the fact that each year, only Germany will receive 110 billion cubic meters of gas, which is two times more than the current supply through the territory of Ukraine.

Zele also appealed to the Ukrainian government, and said that their country no neglected and the gas one will be used in the EU and in their pipes. The only plus – the delivery of natural gas to Europe through existing and new pipelines will only increase.

The politicization of Russian gas pipeline system will lead to the fact that the EU will turn their attention to the American liquefied gas, which on all counts inferior to gas from Russia. Although it is in Washington and achieve this, I’m sure Seele.
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