The U.S. has tightened sanctions against the military of Venezuela and head of PDVSA

Under the sanctions hit a certain person, standing at the head of the Republic.

On Friday, February 15, the U.S. Treasury announced the tightening of restrictive measures against Venezuela, in the sanctions list includes five citizens of the Republic. It is reported by “League news Russia”.

According to information we are talking about the head of the Venezuelan N. I. (SEBIN) Manuel Ricardo Christopher Figuera, head of state oil company PDVSA Manuel Quevedo, who is at the head of command of the presidential guard Ivan Rafael Hernandez Gave the first Commissioner Hildemara josé rodríguez Mukura, as well as Forces commander of the special operations (FAES) Rafael Bastardo Enrique Mendoza.

Lead singer of the legendary band Pink Floyd hard of the United States said for the conflict in Venezuela

The United States believes that the defendants in the list “continues to suppress democracy and democratic leaders in Venezuela, to participate in corruption and fraud against the citizens of the Republic.” Their assets on the territory of the United States are frozen and Americans are prohibited from having with them any business.

In addition, Tortosa said that the country is still facing a military invasion.
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