The group Dyatlova: among the dead were a relative of the soldier SS – media

Valentin Degterev, a scientist with the Urals, which most of his life devoted to the study of the tragedy of the Dyatlov pass, says that among the dead were former SS soldiers.

In the diary of the Dyatlov group had information about that before climbing the mountain, Politcal tourists visited one of the villages, the resource LIGAnews citing “Newspaper.Ru“.

In this village there lived the former prisoners and the civilian who cut down the forest. Degterev argues that one of the photos near semen Zolotarev you can see the mustachioed man, who had long communicated with the tourist.

The researcher does not exclude that it could be Semyon’s brother Nicholas, who in the years of the great Patriotic war, served on the side of the enemy, and after the Victory had disappeared. Degterev does not rule out that Zolotarev specifically asked to be in a group of Dyatlov, but not for the sake of the campaign, and to meet his brother.
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