Russia builds first STEALTH warship with ‘excessive’ weaponry in major threat

According to Russian media outlets, the Mercury naval corvette is close to being completed. The ship has been delayed for years, and is equipped with stealth technology to make it hard to detect by enemy vessels.

Two shipbuilding industry sources told state media outlet RIA Novosti the Mercury is nearing completion.

The sources told the outlet the Mercury corvette, dubbed Project 20386, is expected to be delivered to the navy as soon as next year.

They also shared the hull of the corvette has al

It comes as Mr Putin signed a law formalising Russia’s exit from the Open Skies arms control treaty, a pact that allows unarmed surveillance flights over member countries.

Russia initially hoped Mr Putin and US President Joe Biden could discuss the treaty when they meet later this month at a summit in Geneva, but Washington informed Moscow in May it would not re-enter the pact after Donald Trump’s administration quit last year.

The Kremlin said on Monday the US decision to withdraw from the treaty had “significantly upset the balance of interests” among the pact’s members and had compelled Russia to exit.

In a statement on its website, it said: “This caused serious damage to the treaty’s observance and its significance in building confidence and transparency, (causing) a threat to Russia’s national security.”


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