Businesses do not need a “state of emergency”

On many issues the supporters of the Republican party are the organization that unites representatives of business and conservatives. However, the decision of President Donald trump on the state of emergency has drawn criticism from their side — in particular, such a step negatively assessed the U.S. chamber of Commerce, FreedomWorks and the Heritage Foundation.

In fact, even before the Declaration of the trump gathered thus without the consent of Congress to find an extra $ 5.7 billion needed for the construction of the “wall” with a length of 234 miles for the Mexican border, some Republicans warned of the danger of precedent. In their view, a democratic President may also resort to emergency to get additional opportunities for health reform or climate change. And subsequently, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi said, so when something has to be done to, for example, to cope with the reluctance of Republicans to tighten gun control.

According to Thomas Donohue, head of the chamber of Commerce, the President’s actions threaten to cause an imbalance of the entire system of public administration. According to Adam Brandon, a FreedomWorks leader, supported by the brothers Konami in dealing with Congress, the Executive power is trying to amass too much power to control the financial flows.

It is not excluded that the incident will lead to further distancing from trump Republicans who adhere to traditional party ideology. The President has already went against the wishes of the adherents of free trade, when the imposed customs duties that dealt a blow to the profits of the farmers, importers, industry and retail trade, while from the counter-sanctions taken by foreign partners, the affected exporting companies. The desire to pursue an isolationist policy caused opposition from former military and supporters of strengthening national security.

The decree about introduction of state of emergency called negative reviews from Republicans who hold very different views. So, Senator, libertarian Rand Paul called the President’s actions unconstitutional. In turn, member of the house of representatives Justin Amash, part of the conservative faction of the House Freedom Caucus, condemned trump for trying “to rewrite the Constitution for themselves”, when there is no need to take emergency measures.

Finally, Senator Tom Tillis also belongs to those who are concerned about that in the same way will act the Democrats when one of their representatives becomes President. “Imagine that Bernie Sanders, hypothetically leading the state, will use PE to close the nuclear power station that provides the Green New Deal initiative, he said. I agree with the strategic objectives trump, but I do not think that the principles can change depending on the situation. Especially if the result of the steps taken by the government will be entitled to more control over the economy and life of citizens.”

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