Merkel told about the main troubles because of dissatisfaction with the US “Northern stream – 2”

Angela Merkel stressed the “irregularity” of ousting Russia from the political aspect of the state.

An anonymous source close to German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the German head of state is in an alarming condition in the background of the discontent of Washington due to the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2”. It is reported by Bloomberg, reports “League news Russia”.

According to interlocutors of Agency, defending the project, Merkel is preparing to face increasingly aggressive actions on the part of the administration of U.S. President trump. It is noted that Washington’s efforts at driving a wedge between Germany and its allies, the EU has helped Merkel to speak at the Munich security conference with one of the “most passionate” speeches on Saturday.

Makron has categorically refused to meet with Merkel: “the Nord stream – 2” was the last straw

Then she the applause of the leadership of the EU announced that trump encroaching on a multipolar world.

On the same day, Vice-President Mike Pence made clear that the United States is not yet ready to accept defeat on the question of construction of the pipeline.

In addition, a diplomatic source in Brussels said the ambassadors of the European Union gave Romania a mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Commission regarding the revision of the Gas Directive. The basis of this project is a watered-down amendments proposed by Germany and France.
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