Edita told about fights with her husband: “He flies up and gives me a slap.”

According to the singer, her husband often beat her because of jealousy.

According to the publication StarHit, people’s artist Edita said which family difficulties she overcame with the first husband Alexander Bronevitsky, reports LigaNews.

“Sometimes, coming back from somewhere, and he flies up and gives me a slap in the face. I immediately answer. And this was constantly. It was a pathological problem, he was terribly jealous. It is a kind of disease,” – shared the actress.

According to Edita, Bronevitsky was a very jealous man. She asked him many times to change but nothing came of it.

Peha also added that Aleksandr Bronevitsky often cheated on her. According to her, the husband was a very loving man and always found a excuse about cheating.

As previously reported LigaNews, Edita was in a wheelchair. It is also known that Stas Pieha told about illegitimate children.
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