Dark matter dragged of the planet-neighbour: in space found a galaxy that doesn’t consist of invisible clots

In outer space to the representatives of the scientific world was able to witness the emergence of a unique galaxy.

It was established that the above space object is 65 million light years from earth. It should be noted that scientists have named this space the formation of NGC 1052. A notable feature of galaxy is the absence of dark matter. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First in the Solar system found 300 thousand galaxies.

Until recently, experts were confident that this matter is present absolutely everywhere. As stated in the universal theory, dark matter is a education that can in no way be seen in various kinds of devices. Moreover, according to scientists ‘ calculations, the difference between the visible and the invisible matter and is a prerequisite for the formation of dark clots.

In the current case, there is no visible traces of the mother in two galaxies, NGC 1052 and narechenyh NGC1052-DF2. Now in the scientific world trying to find out where the invisible matter. It is possible that the galaxy was created without it and matter just atashili galactic neighbors. At the moment, scientists need a little time to understand, as emerged above, space objects.
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