Three Russian skiers were killed in a head-on collision

Russian skiers Oleg Starkov, Alexander Erofeev and Yunisov Kirill was killed in an accident in Lithuania on the road to the world Cup ski races, which were going to cheer for the national team.

Russian skiers Oleg Starkov, Alexander Erofeev and Cyril Yunisov at the end of February was killed in a head-on collision with a truck.

The accident happened near the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius on the highway A6 Е262 ukmergė — Kaunas where on 59-m kilometre of a passenger car in which there were domestic athletes, got into a head-on collision with a truck.

The Starks and Yunisov died at the scene of the accident, and the eldest of the company — 52-year — old Erofeev died in hospital, reports the “League news Russia” with reference to “Newspaper“.

Embassy of Russia long sought relatives of the victims, and in the end Yunisov was buried on 6 March, and his comrades will be interred on March 8.

It is reported that the company was heading for a ski marathon series Euroloppet, in which all three of them were going to participate. Also the two friends had planned to attend the world Cup ski races in the Austrian Seefeld as fans.

Born 20 September 1970 and lived in Domodedovo Erofeev was quite famous in the suburbs skier, and competed in Bicycle races and running races.

As for Starkov, then it is in 2015, competed in the Deminsky marathon and checked into the Cup of Cycling marathons of Russia.

Yerofeyev participated in many skiing, Cycling and marathons, and has repeatedly won national and international competitions in different age categories.

For several years in the Cup of Cycling marathons of Russia Erofeev presented the joint team KVMR (Club Cycling marathons of Russia).

In addition, Alexander was fond of skiing, tourism and travelling. In Lithuania it 29 years ago took part in his first marathon in šiauliai.

Erofeev also for many years led the Moscow club cyclists and, according to the team website KVMR, led a very active lifestyle — “in the summer — Bicycle, in winter — on skis.”

In 2017, Alexander fulfilled the standard of master of the Union of marathons “ski Russia” (SMLR).

In the Cup of Cycling marathons of Russia Alexander was since the founding (2011) and overcame a 13 full marathon. Last season he missed because of injuries sustained at a ski marathons in Europe.

A veteran of the sport was preparing to go back on tour next autumn and re-start on the competition. Partners and colleagues note in the first place joie de vivre’s collection, which he kept in all situations.
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