Apple might be about to launch two new MacBooks

Apple could be preparing to launch two new computers at its major software event next week, according to new rumours

It has been rumoured to be preparing two new versions of the MacBook Pro – a 14-inch and 16-inch version – that would bring a new design for the high-end computers.

They are almost certain to include a version of Apple’s new processors. The company said last year that it was moving away from Intel chips and instead using its own across its computers – but so far all of those have been its M1 chip, which is more focused on efficiency than top-end performance.

Given the new computers are rumoured to be larger and higher-end version of the MacBook Pro, they are likely to bring with them another processor – perhaps an upgraded version of the M1, or something like an M2.

As well as those chips, the computers are rumoured to have a new design, which will feature a flatter top, and the re-introduction of a number of features that have been removed from recent versions of the MacBook Pro. That could include a new version of its MagSafe magnetic charger, and the return of ports such as HDMI.

If true, the computers would be the first laptops to be specifically designed for Apple’s own processors. It revealed them with the MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Mini last year, but those devices kept their existing external designs; the new desktop iMac is the first and so far only computer with a new design for the new chip.

While the rumours have been increasing for some time, new regulatory filings from China appear to related to the new 16-inch computer, according to Macrumors, who discovered the documents. The filings give information about its battery, which is the same size as the existing one on the 16-inch computer.

The battery is slightly smaller, but other Apple chips have brought vast battery life performances that mean the computer could actually last for longer than its predecessor.

Some reports – including those from Bloomberg – have suggested the new computer could arrive by summer. Others have suggested that it might not be available until later in the year.

Apple has not publicly suggested that any new computers are coming, and said that the whole transition would be over within two years.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference always serves as the time at which it announces the new software across its platforms, and there will be major updates to iOS, MacOS, its other operating systems – and even new ones besides.

But the company occasionally uses it to showcase hardware, too, particularly when those devices are focused on the professional end of the market. As such, it is more than possible that Apple would reveal new laptops during its events.

The virtual event begins on Monday, 7 June, with a keynote that will begin a week of announcements and livestreams.


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