Klimatechnika. Better if they ate meat and drank beer together…

After fading problems “mitosis” time to run “climatechnics and Klimatechnika”. Let’s require the impossible: to translate all the “environmental track.” Ban eat the meat, close the factory and destroy the aircraft.

The great actress Sarah Bernhardt eating meat in unlimited quantities and, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, after a hearty lunch, picking his teeth with a knife. That did not prevent her to shake the world, masterfully embodying on the stage the most passionate and refined heroines. Imagine a woman suddenly converted to vegetarianism and calls to save the planet in all possible ways, down to the awkward, hard enough even my irrepressible imagination.

So I stubbornly cringe when the new French Muse of all light and good – actress Juliette Binoche – breathy call “our environmental Sarah Bernhardt”.

Recently, when the first fit of righteous indignation, raised a universal flash mob “mit”, fed up and was noticeably run out of steam, the actress Juliette Binoche exploded on the climatic season, the somewhat forgotten over time Miroshnyk performances.

Our new Sarah Bernhardt on istomino all types of wrestling stage urged the audience not to eat meat on Mondays and not to go on vacation far from home, to once again not to use the aircraft that its kerosene literally spat all around.

When one of vrednyuga television journalist tricky asked our “climate Sarah,” do not confuse whether her frequent and long flights associated with the profession, the actress admitted that “actually, constantly thinks about it, it occupies her thoughts, but the main thing is to recognize the problem and constantly think about it”.

Hussars, who after this sentence immediately broke out a classic of the genre “I have an idea, and I think,” please refrain. Thoughts from our climate Sarah not so much, but they take it, and this is important. Dodoma about meat and planes, Juliette Binoche organized the process has already been titled in the press as “trial of the century”: a group of light-good activists show business with her in the head is suing the French government for “inaction in the face of climate change.”

The essence of the claim: everything is already visited the French throne presidents, including the current, abundantly promised and did nothing. And the situation is deteriorating and the danger grows. Of course, we do everything in our power: sort of garbage, separated plastics from glass, flies from cutlets, and ride bikes, but this is not enough, because the emissions just shineth not; yea-bad to the atmosphere is not reduced and the promised increase of the earth temperature by 5 degrees is not far off.

Should become a traditional argument about “poor people” who have to migrate from the now-uninhabitable regions about the global water shortage and crop failures apocalyptic, about our common responsibility towards the planet (further – the text of announcements).

All conscious and sympathizers are invited to join the protest and sign the petition from the four associations that will sue the French state that it started and finally did something.

Neither in the text of a propaganda movie, nor the relevant television and radio debates absolutely not specified what specific measures the French government may have its judicial system to oblige and make what? how? who?

Activist in the mockingjay propo passionately convinced that in Belgium, Pakistan, the United States and Canada people of good will has already been filed in the court in your state, and in the Netherlands people of good will so the court won! And the court ordered the government to reduce the emissions of all the bad in the atmosphere by 25% in 2020! So, if you want!

But it is not clear how the government of the Netherlands will be cut and why are they still no the court did not, after all, the Netherlands is the most active country in the fight for light and good climate: sea level almost at windmills, and waste is sorted to the last stub, and all on bikes.

Still unclear what is going to be to reduce the French government, if you lose this the most fair court in the world.

Any modern person (not thinker!) initially, the apparent absolute inability to be transplanted on bicycles catastrophically overwhelming percentage of the population, to whom for normal living and basic earnings regular transport is vital.

To stop the factories, trucks and airplanes, leaving the work an unimaginable number of people to two scientists released years to change the situation to any is not a guaranteed result, of course, no one can. Translate all of the above on the “environmental track” radically innovative technologies for the same two years also will not work.

And find a way out of this situation for a long period and deadline so no one refuses: the way looking for, they hiss, rock the boat and try. Who finds, immediately notifies and without unnecessary reminders. Why raise a kind of ratcheting noise, creating the effect of another struggle and flurry of activity with pre-sterile by the results?

The number of planes, helicopters and cars, generously used in the filming of a propaganda video, and spat a bit more all around, was, according to the organizers, harsh necessity.

And as stern a necessity, of course, is the mechanical transport for the vast majority of Europeans and Americans that living sometimes hundreds of miles away from work and being often confined to the hours of service travel, to leave everything and to move from gasoline-kerosene needle in a prehistoric bike.

So what all this noisy example, if all possible outputs are studied Peresecina all previous French heads of state and with the same success so far on the study in the current Chapter? This next “Chapter” will be able to change existing predictions and promises, which failed previous one?

In General, all this “trial of the century” distressingly reminiscent of the silly children’s song with the refrain, “what, nothing, yellow shoes.”

In the song, as you know, repeated meaningless meaningless verses, calling singing bouts of relaxing fun.

And just as it has a relaxing effect in the current circumstances, this changing of the guard in the never-ending struggle for the good: after fading in the background the real problems “of mitosis” time to restart “climatechnics and Klimatechnika”: let the heart-rending require impracticable, as long as it is in their video says one of the former presidents already: “Our country is on fire!”.

Better if they ate meat and drank beer, honestly.

Elena Kondratieva-Salguero, LOOK
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