Drugs were discovered lactose and gluten, which can cause allergic

According to a new study, “almost every tablet and capsule” contains inactive compounds such as lactose, gluten and food dyesthat cause allergic reactions or other symptoms of food intolerance.

The active ingredients in the drug are those that provide a therapeutic benefit. Inactive ingredients simply improve the taste and appearance of the drug itself. But according to a report published in Science Translational Medicine, in some patients they can cause allergic reactions or other symptoms of food intolerance.

Often inactive ingredients pose a risk only for people suffering from allergies, such as certain food dyes, or intolerance to substances such as lactose. Also, some components may worsen symptoms in people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS, this disease there are no organic causes).

We were surprised by the results, said gastroenterologist and co-author of the study, Dr. Giovanni Traverso from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. — This applies to almost every tablet and capsule“.

The researchers also examined information about inactive ingredients, using the database of the National library of medicine. They found that the active substances are on average slightly more than a quarter (29%) weight oral pills, and inactive — 71%. The average tablet contains about 8 different inactive ingredients, but can contain up to 35.

Some patients appeared to have diarrhea after taking tablets that contained lactose. Patients with celiac disease experienced the side effects of the medications with gluten. In 2017, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration — the FDA food and drug administration) has released recommendations regarding the labeling of ingredients derived from wheat, medicines.

Dr. John Kelso, an allergist and immunologist from Scripps Health in San Diego (CA), which was not involved in the study, sees no reason for concern.

Such reactions are quite rare, he said. — In most cases the amount of protein present in the preparation is insufficient to cause an allergic reaction“.

But Dr. Corinne Keith, associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Children’s center at Johns Hopkins, believes that patients with severe food Allergy or chronic disease such as celiac disease, should pay particular attention when assigning new medication.

If you have any unusual symptoms after taking medicine, ask the doctor to check the ingredients list.

Why tablets contain lactose or gluten? The ingredients in the medication can cause an allergic reaction updated: March 14, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets
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