Ukraine will not save, none of the presidential candidates: Lekuh told why

Who would be 31 March in Ukraine came to power, to save the country he will not succeed, and time to do this, he will be gone.

This opinion was voiced by Dmitry lekuh, Russian writer, in an interview to IA “new Russia“, reports LIGAnews.

The main reason for this judgment is the unstable economic situation in Ukraine. This opinion, according to the Lekuha, shared by the IMF, which in December 2018 provided the latest loan and allocated on the maturity date of 14 months.

If this loan does not return, then the country will automatically default. In this the IMF loan was given specifically for the elections, and in 2020 Ukraine will have to repay all of your debt. At a negative balance it will be impossible, says the writer.
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