Found the mummy of a servant of the God Amun in Egypt have unearthed one of the oldest burials

Researchers who study ancient artifacts, managed to find an interesting discovery.

According to preliminary information, the opening managed to make close to Luxor. The above information was voiced by Minister of Egypt, which oversees issues relating to the ancient monuments of the state. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

It was established that identified the burial had direct affiliation with the Minister of Egyptian deity Amon. Estimates say that the construction of the tomb was conducted in 1292-1186 BC

As you know, the mummy still have not studied in detail. But, in addition to the remains of the servant, was discovered funerary figurines, masks, and well-preserved paintings on the walls. Archaeologists also stumbled on another tomb, which was made approximately during the reign of the 16th dynasty kings. The first discovery belonged to the 14th dynasty.

Such an abundant amount of ancient artifacts in Luxor due to the fact that in ancient times this town was the capital of Egypt. Now this settlement is completely open to the ordinary lover of unusual artifacts.

First in Egypt, archaeologists came across an unusual mummies. Recall was made public the secret of the oldest mummies in the world.
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