The situation around the national team of Russia in biathlon is very heavy: the Russian media are calling for the maximum openness

Russian national team on biathlon at the moment is in Austria. The local government accused athletes in doping.

It is known that yesterday, December 12, in the town of Hochfilzen, local police rushed to the hotel, where the Russian team. The main reason is the suspicion of doping in 2017 during the world Cup, reports “Russian Dialogue“.

From the event Dmitry Guberniev, Russian journalist, said that the list is 10 names, including not only athletes, but also therapists, and coaches. Journalist recall that in Austria doping is punishable by law with a term of up to three years of imprisonment.

The incident happened during the start of the second stage of the biathlon world Cup.

Law enforcement agencies of Austria had no comment on the case. Has no information and the Union of biathletes of Russia. The Russian Embassy in Austria has sent an official request to the police in order to ascertain the details of the incident.
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