Why not believe the former lawyer of the President?

The testimony of a former personal lawyer to the President, the Congress, became a hit for Donald trump and his administration.

Michael Cohen stated that his former boss was directly involved in the hacking of the mail servers Democratic National Committee and the publication of stolen data on the website WikiLeaks, was ordered to pay the porn star a tidy sum for his silence about their relationship, fraudulently received a loan from Deutsche Bank and lied to Congress about the attempts to agree on the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow.

Of course, the Democrats then started to assume some of the crimes that lead to impeachment, it is now possible to incriminate the President. For its part, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders called ridiculous statements Cohen — a man convicted of a criminal offence, and already convicted of lying under oath.

But it is possible that he is the source of truthful information. For 25 years, Federal Prosecutor, I often wondered why he has to bring in as witnesses is clearly not law-abiding people. The reason is that honest citizens don’t commit crimes and can provide valuable law enforcement information.

Accusing him of lying, trump, Sanders and Republicans in General will achieve nothing because the President and members of his administration have repeatedly accused of spreading false information.

Michael J. Stern, a former employee of the Federal prosecutors in Detroit

and Los Angeles

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