Trump: “I appreciate”, that Pelosi is against impeachment, but “did nothing wrong”

The President of the United States Donald trump stated that he appreciates the words of the speaker of the house of representatives and democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who opposed the start of the impeachment, but added that he “did nothing wrong“.

Monday, March 11, Pelosi told the journalist Joe Heim of the Washington Post that she opposes impeachment of President, unless there is something really “irresistible“that support from the two parties. Trump, according to the speaker of the house of representatives, are just not worth it to “divide the country”.

Comments of the head of the White house on the authoritative statement of the policy of a Democrat appeared today, March 13, on his Twitter page.

I appreciate the statement by Nancy Pelosi is against impeachment, but all have to remember that insignificant fact that I never did anything wrong, the economy and elimination of unemployment — at the highest level, military and veterans — [feel] well, there are many other success!” — wrote trump.

How can you question the impeachment of the man whom many consider President with the most successful first two years in history, especially when he did nothing wrong, and the impeachment [declared] for “crimes and misdemeanors”?” — said the American leader its claim to the Democrats in the form of a question.

The question of impeachment has divided Democrats even before they regained control of the House of representatives in January. Most party leaders said that they would like to see the results of the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller and a separate congressional investigation, before proceeding to impeachment. However, a number of members of the party openly demanded to proceed with the removal of the President from office, assuming that you already have enough evidence of when trump with Russia.

Today, March 13, Chairman of the house Committee on intelligence , Adam Schiff stated that even if the Mueller report would justify the President, it will not stop the talk of impeachment. Schiff pointed out that the limited powers of the Muller may not be allowed spectracolor to investigate — “laundered Russian money for the Trump Organization“than, according to the Democrat, in charge of his Committee.

During his campaign, the President tried to negotiate the most lucrative business deal in his life, hiding it from the public, trying to get help from the Kremlin, knowing that if he will let Putin will never get the money. Hundreds of millions of dollars, says Schiff. And when this became known, his answer was: “And why should I miss out on these business opportunities?”

He also said that “fully” agree with the position Pelosi about the fact that the legislators should not seek impeachment trump without unambiguous evidence of his wrongdoing.

Trump stated that he appreciates the position Pelosi, who opposed his impeachment, but added that he “did nothing wrong” updated: March 13, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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