10-year-old Brooklyn resident is in desperate need of kidney donor

Yesterday, March 14 was world kidney day. This is a global campaign to raise awareness about health, which focuses on the importance of these bodies and reduce the frequency and impact of their disease. This day is celebrated annually on the second Thursday of March.

On world kidney day 10-year-old resident of Brooklyn told me about his struggle for life.

Wish list Khadija clerk Sabir different from most children her age. All a girl wants is perfect for her kidneys.

“If I had a transplant from a donor, I could walk in the Park with brothers and sisters. I could go to Disneyland” — said АВС7 Khadija clerk.

Khadija Sabir
Credit: National Kidney Registry

A year ago the fifth-grader from Brooklyn was diagnosed with “chronic renal failure”. Data Khadija clerk immediately placed on the national register of the kidneys (National Kidney Registry), but until a suitable donor was not found.

Everything came down on us like a sudden storm, says the aunt of the girl, Rizwan Sabir. – We didn’t know what to do, where to go“.

Fortunately, Khadija clerk fails to obtain interim relief – dialysis at the medical center NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell. There is a children’s specialist-a nephrologist, Dr. Eduardo Perelshtein, helps her. Girl goes through this procedure every evening, and she definitely needs a healthy body.

“If she gets a kidney, which is not very suitable, the body will reject it. And we have to return to dialysis,”said Dr. Perelshteyn.

This is the scenario that everyone is trying to avoid. The family hopes that one day Khadija again become a healthy and happy girl.

All he wants in life this 10-year-old girl from new York – a kidney from a donor updated: March 15, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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