Sands commented about training his daughter in the European Parliament

Recently in mass media there was information that the daughter of Dmitry Peskov Elizabeth is an Intern in the European Parliament.

Press Secretary of the Russian President decided to comment on the situation, gave to understand that this topic is not part of his official duties and it is part of personal life, the resource LIGAnews.

Peskov said that his daughter is a normal student practice. And all that concerns the personal life of his daughter and he doesn’t want to comment on, as it is not included in the list of his responsibilities in office.

Chauprade said that Elizabeth is studying in France and has every reason to have an internship in the European Parliament. Peskov daughter signed a personal contract with the representatives of the European Parliament, not Soprada personally. In January 2019, the contract was renewed.

It is known that the duties of Elizabeth includes the preparation of press reviews on the activities of the European Parliament.
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