An unpleasant surprise for the West: Russia has announced new rules for the passage of the Northern sea route

The Northern sea route (NSR) under his protection takes Russia. On the eve of the country’s government has already developed the rules of passage through it for foreign ships.

In the United States have repeatedly stated that they are also applying for SMP and Russia in this respect, it is not a decree, reports “Izvestia“.

Only with the adoption of the new rules the whole situation with SMP changed. From now on all naval ships are required to notify Russia within 45 days. Foreign ships are obliged to take on Board the Russian boatswain.

In the passage through the NSR, Russia could even refuse, and if the unauthorized passage, the ship can be arrested.

The new rules were developed by Russia in connection with the intensification of naval activities of foreigners in the Arctic zone.

And yesterday, March 5, Curtis Scarabotti, commander of the European command of the U.S. armed forces, said that America is ready to contain Russia in the Arctic.
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