Use fake tan? 10 new products you need to know about

We don’t know who came up with the ‘I’m nicer when I’m tan’ meme, but, honestly, we couldn’t agree more.

There’s something so satisfying about gazing down at your bronzed limbs, even if you took the shortcut and got your glow from self-tan, rather than catching rays on a sun-drenched holiday.

Plus, there’s no risk of sun damage when you fake it, and with the all the high-tech tanners to choose from, you can ensure a natural-looking golden-brown hue every time.

In fact, this year, there’s a glut of innovative new glow-giving products on the shelves. These are the latest launches every tanaholic needs to try…

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1. Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir

If you’ve ever found yourself madly smothering on fake tan the night before a holiday, while simultaneously stuffing clothes in a suitcase and trying to book a cab to the airport, you will love Heavenly Elixir.

The world’s first slow-release tan develops overnight, but once you’ve washed it off, it continues to build to a medium glow over three days, meaning you don’t have to leave your pre-holiday or party tanning until the last minute.


2. Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face

Transform your usual face cream with two to three drops of this self-tanning oil, which also contains extracts of fig and aloe vera, for added hydration.

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3. Skinny Tan Notox Beauty Elixir

Skincare meets self-tan in this multi-tasking serum, which targets fine lines and wrinkles with potent anti-ageing ingredients, as well as gradually building a gorgeous glow.

(Bondi Sands/PA)

4. Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Sleep Mask

A bestseller from Bondi Sands’ first eco-friendly range – which comes in metal-free, recyclable packaging sourced from sustainable materials – this mask works overnight to impart a healthy glow, and is enriched with moisturising hyaluronic acid.


5. St Tropez Tan X Ashley Graham Ultimate Glow Kit

St Tropez has teamed up with the amazing Ashley Graham to create this self-tanning mousse and mitt duo. The supermodel-approved mousse is infused with skin-loving rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, and has a floral fragrance inspired by Graham’s favourite scents.

(Natura Bissé/PA)

6. Natura Bissé C+C Vitamin Self-Tan Drops

Customise your colour with these tanning drops from luxury skincare brand Natura Bissé, which contain brightening Vitamin C and can be applied directly to the skin. Use nightly to build up to your desired shade.


7. UGlow Tanning Water

Say goodbye to stained bedsheets with UGlow Tanning Water, a quick-drying clear liquid spray that’s been 10 years in the making. Formulated with tanning technology that ‘tailors’ the shade to each skin tone, it’s best applied with a mitt for an even tan that develops in six to eight hours.

(James Read/PA)

8. James Read Glow20 Facial Tanning Serum

For a super-speedy sun-kissed look, leave this moisturising serum on for just 20 minutes then wash off – it will keep developing – or go for a deeper shade by leaving it on for 60 or 90 minutes.


9. Velvotan Tanning Back Applicator

No, it’s not a fly swatter – this handy tool will help you with those hard-to-reach spots, so you don’t have to stretch and strain or enlist a friend to make sure your back isn’t patchy. Simply unfold the applicator, pop your mitt on the end (it fits any standard size) and away you go.

(Cocoa Brown/PA)

10. Cocoa Brown Kabuki Brush

Some tanning experts swear by the brush application method to give their celebrity clients the perfect finish – now you can try it at home.

Apply self-tan onto your skin or the brush head, then smooth out using circular motions. The soft, densely packed brush is also great for applying just the right amount of product on tricky areas like elbows and knees, and for contouring, if you’re using two different shades.


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