Scientists have found the lost half a century ago, the famous Tutankhamun artifacts – frames

Archaeologists have told about the wooden mast, and other elements of findings.

The group of experts found in a vault at Luxor Museum, Egypt, missing parts miniature models of the boats of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun. It is their nearly half a century was considered lost. It is reported by Live Science, reports the “League news Russia”.

According to the media, we are talking about artifacts, found by the British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter, who in 1922 opened the tomb of Tutankhamun in the valley of the Kings near Luxor. Findings were considered lost since 1973.

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So, in the box, which is found in the Museum was the wooden mast and other elements of the miniature boat model. These items were placed in the tomb to the afterlife the dead could move on the water and fishing.

According to an employee of the Museum, archaeologist Mohammed Atwa, the opening can be safely attributed to the most surprising. He added that the incredible fact is a new possibility to reveal new secrets about “the Golden Pharaoh” Tutankhamun.

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