Media: the United States will provide Ukraine a few boats Island – photo

Official statement on Ukraine officials made in the U.S. Congress.

The commander of the Combined armed forces of NATO in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti said that the US government intends to transfer soon two more boats of the Island class. About it reports “Ukrainian military portal“, reports the “League news Russia”.

This information was voiced by the military during a hearing in the House of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

The American boat speed of 29.5 knots, cruising range at 90% of the stocks of petroleum products – 2,307 thousand miles. The crew should consist of 16 people. He can do 5 days work in a fully Autonomous mode.

Armament: 25-mm automatic gun mount Bushmaster Mk 38 Mod, guns М2НВ.

In addition, the Ukrainian politician Andrey Biletsky said that the conclusion of the “Minsk-2” on the territory of Donbass killed thousands of troops APU.
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