Confidence grows

As reported by the Conference Board, the resumption of government activities, made possible by a compromise with Congress, led to the fact that the index of consumer confidence in the economic situation rose from 121.7 per item in January to 131,4 in February.

This result was much better than believed by the experts interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, in their opinion, the average rate was to increase by only 124 points.

According to Lynn Franco, senior Director of Department economic indicators, the Conference Board said Americans are more optimistic now look as on the General condition and financial situation. In particular, reduced the number of those who believe that the created vacancies are not enough, but to find new work problematic, and to a minimum of 15 years has decreased the proportion of those who are afraid of inflation.

Thus, as suggested by Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Pierpoint Securities, it is possible to count on increase in consumer activity, which was lower than expected not only during the holiday sales, but in January. But this figure also depends on the real wage growth, the pace of which are still relatively small.
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